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  • Personal: Facebook Ad Spent Over 10,000,000 (INR)
  • Client: Facebook Ad Spent Over 20,000,000 (INR)
  • Running Dropshiping Stores having turnover 40,000,000 (INR)
  • Maintained over 3% Conversion Rate over the Period of time
  • 8+ Years of Experience Running Shopify Stores
  • Worked on various Niche Stores
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Que. I have watched lots of YouTube videos to built my store and still struggling to get Profitable Sales. How does these eBooks can help me?
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From: Dixita Bhatti
Gandhinagar, India

My name is Dixita Bhatti and I am the LEVEL-1 Seller on Fiverr for Facebook & Shopify expert Services.

Let me walk you through my Successful Dropshiping & E-commerce journey with Shopify stores over the past years. How i have spent nearly 10,000,000 (INR) my personal balance on Facebook ads and generated sales over the time.

It was all started with my Passion to earn money online apart from my day job and I am very serious about building my online career. 

The very next step I have taken was to go Google & YouTube to search for the term "Earn Money Online"

After visiting lots of blogs and watching YouTube videos, I come to know about Dropshiping business and I amazed how easy to do this kind of business.

When i have dig into the deep of Dropshiping business, I have figured out that Shopify stores are the key part on this business model.

You guessed it right! Next day onwards, I have started following lots of YouTubers that are offering FREE video courses to learn about Dropshiping business on Shopify stores. 

I am a fast learner and very passionate to learn those new skills that are going to change my life forever!

After watching and learning from hours of YouTube video contents, I am still missing something and I knew about it. 

You're also familiar wich most of the YouTubers, Right? They want to sell their PAID courses at the end, after all it's their business. So, I just enrolled for most of the PAID courses that popular YouTubers offering at that time. Spent nearly $2000 behind PAID courses.

Invested my Hard earned Money on their PAID courses and gone though their content very carefully.

What next? Started my Shopify store and jump into the new venture that I got some what experience so far.

Since, I have followed their courses very  closely. I have managed to get my First Order on very next day. I can't share how it feels amazing. That Boost my confidence to the next level and officially I was in Dropshiping business :)

Gradually, I have figured out that It's not that getting orders is enough. We need to focus on getting Profitable Sales by considering ROAS ( Return on Ad Spent )

When I have completed basic MATH on my first store, I have figured out that even after getting sales and running business worth $10,000 / month. I was at Huge LOSS. I have lost most of my Profits behind Facebook ads!! Frustrating right?

That leads to my next search term on Google "How to generate MORE profitable from Shopify?"

This part is getting kind of confusing and there are not proper guidelines available on Internet & most of the YouTubers are not talking about this part! They are just showing how much sales they are generating from Dropshiping business hiding the actual data of Ad spent, Material cost, Shipping charges, Shopify store charges, Paid app charges, Payment gateway charges & currency conversion charges.

Believe me,  getting Profitable Sales requires next LEVEL of understanding of this business. For the very first time, I feel lonely on my journey towards running successful online business.

Now, I have to take control of my store profitability as I had make the decision to earn money online.

I am following NO quite policy in my Life even if the situations are not in my favour. That has explore my ability to go beyond my experience and unlocked the new door of understanding how E-commerce and Dropshiping business works.

After following thousands of competitors and doing brand research, I have figured out some essential elements that are very much require to sell any items online! Even you can go to Amazon and compare those elements that I am going to share with YOU in one these eBooks.

Do you know? 
Rockstar Facebook can't help you to generate sales if your Product page Sucks! 
Not getting orders? Do not blame Facebook ads everytime!

Role of any Advertisement is only to send potential customers to your Product page only.

  • Que. What makes you different from YouTubers? You're also selling Paid eBooks.
  • Ans. These eBooks are actionable and it directly affects your conversion rate and Store revenue. Higher the Conversion, Better is the Profitability without paying extra for advertisements. Just grab your FREE eBook NOW and try yourself how power these techniques are. Paid eBooks can help YOU to generate MORE $$$ and keeps me motivated to work for these eBooks and Update YOU with the latest CRO techniques.
  • Que. I am just starting up with Facebook ads, will these eBooks helpful?
  • Ans. Yes for sure. Even I can say, YOU need to work on these recommendations before spending money on advertisements.
    FACT: Facebook ads contribute only 33% on your Funnel & Your Product page and Store designs contributes 66% towards getting online sales. I will explain this thing in my FREE eBook. Download your FREE eBook NOW.